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Name Position University Department
Rick Colbourne Sprott School of Business Business
Adam Cohen University of Texchnology Sydney Management
Craig Camamile Griffith University Psychology
Joey Cheng York University Psychology
J. Adam Cobb University of Texas Business
Robert Cialdini Arizona State University Psychology and Marketing
Dana Carney UC Berkeley Management
Amy Christie Wilfred Laurier University Business
Elizabeth C.Ravlin University of South Carolina Management
Chris Crandall University of Kansas Psychology
Karen S. Cook Stanford University Sociology
Serena Chen UC Berkeley Psychology
Yahua Cai Business
Jinseok Chun Duke University Business
Joey Cheng
Carolyn Chavez New Mexico State University Management
Abraham Carmeli Tel Aviv University Management
Travis Carter Roanoke College Psychology
Jennifer Chatman UC Berkeley Management
Jessica Cundiff Missouri University of Science and Technology Psychology