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Name Position University Department
Karyn Lewis NWEA
Carrie Langner California Polytechnic State Univeristy Psychology
Donna Lancianese University of Iowa Medicine
Min Li University of Wisconsin-Madison Business
Katie Liljenquist Brigham Young University Management
Daniela Lup Middlesex University London Sociology
Yongmei Liu Illinois State University Business
Sean Laurent University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Psychology
Dave Luvison Loyola University Maryland Management and International Business
Denise LewinLoyd University of Illinois Business
Robert Lount Ohio State University Business
Jeff Lucas University of Maryland Sociology
Bernard Liebowitz Liebowitz & Associates, PC
Nathen Lester
Kevin Lowe University of Sydney Business
Joost Luijendijk Unilever International Business Development and Management
Leanna Lawter Sacred Heart University Connecticut Business
Eric Levy Queen Mary University of London Business and Management