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[PDF]K2P COVID-19 Series: Prompting Government Action for Tobacco Control in Lebanon during COVID-19 Pandemic

R Saleh, R Nakkash, A Harb, F El-Jardali - Knowledge to Policy (K2P) Center, Beirut …, 2020

Tobacco use increases risk of complications and severe infection from COVID-19 by 1.4-1.45 times. The odds for COVID-19 progression among smokers are 1.73-2.25 times more than non-smokers. Smokers have 2.4 times higher risk of requiring …

The Influence of ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 on Sustainable Supply Chain Management in the Textile Industry

D Zimon, P Madzík, R Sroufe - Sustainability, 2020

… "The Influence of ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 on Sustainable … JEL classification: Q - Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics; Environmental and Ecological Economics; Q0 - Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics; …

Self-control and need satisfaction in primetime: Television, social media, and friends can enhance regulatory resources via perceived autonomy and competence

T Hartmann - Psychology of Popular Media Culture, 2020

The relationship between self-control and media use is complicated. Loss of self- control capacity has been linked to generally higher levels of media use, which might represent self-regulatory failure, but could also be attempts at replenishing self …


R Rossi - Mediterranea-Ricerche Storiche, 2020

The research aims to compare two different institutions: The Real Albergo dei Poveri of Palermo and the Hospicio de Pobres of Mexico City. The Real Albergo dei Poveri was established in 1772 (nevertheless its construction started 30 years earlier) …

Exploring sexuality education in government high schools

DO Rudolph - 2020

… Some features of this site may not work without it. Exploring sexuality education in government high schools … Educational Psychology. Thesis … This provided an understanding on how cultural practices could have had …

The Influence of Analytical Review to Government Financial Report Quality of the Body of South Sulawesi Province Financial Auditor

D Salassa, M Mursalim, M Su'un - Journal of Accounting and Finance, 2020

This study is to prove empirically The Influence of Analytical Procedure Review to Government Financial Report Quality of the Body of South Sulawesi Province Financial Auditor. The first hypothesis proposed in this study is Procedure Review of …

The influence of attachment styles on autonomic correlates of perspective-taking

S Henschel, JL Nandrino, L Pezard, L Ott… - Biological Psychology, 2020

This study examined the effects of attachment styles on physiological responses during a perspective-taking task. Sixty-eight participants were selected according to attachment styles. Physiological responses were assessed using skin conductance …

[PDF]Pandemics: Implications for Research and Practice in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

CW Rudolph, B Allan, M Clark, G Hertel, A Hirschi… - 2020

… However, we see these areas as those that would be most generally applicable to the study of any pandemic's influence on work behavior, broadly defined … turn can help in maintaining a healthy sense of agency and control for employees. Finally, the …