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[PDF]Financial Stress and Job Performance of Employees of a Government Agency in Negros Occidental

MMB Gualdrapa, AS Palic - Philippine Social Science Journal, 2020

Financial stress is a condition that is becoming more predominant in society nowadays, especially among employees. There are more financial challenges among employees today, and these challenges are being reflected in the …

[PDF]Assessment of Influence of Job Enrichment on Employee Job Satisfaction in Local Government Authorities: A Case of Temeke Municipal Council, Tanzania


This study assessed the influence of job enrichment on employee job satisfaction at Temeke Municipal Council and was guided by four specific objectives namely: to assess the influence of job characteristics on employee job satisfaction, to assess the …

[PDF]Influence of planning on mid-consumption purchasing for experience goods Msc Marketing Erasmus school of Economics

R Capitein, R Karpienko

The purpose of this thesis is to analyze how impulse purchasing mid-consumption differs upon time of purchase of tickets for an experience good. Experience goods differ from other goods in that time of consumption and purchase are split and that …

Relations between child self-control, maternal relational frustration, and teacher–child conflict: a longitudinal study with children from dual-earner families

T Ferreira, J Cadima, M Matias, T Leal, PM Matos - Development and …, 2020

… We examined the influence of work–family conflict (WFC) on maternal relational frustration (RF) towards the child … Inhibitory control and teacher-child conflict: Reciprocal associations across the elementary-school …



… USAID : The United States Agency for International Development … Government policies contain the reasons things are to be done in a certain … The main objective of the study was to examine the influence of government policies …

[PDF]The Effectiveness of Russian Government Policy to Support SMEs in the COVID-19 Pandemic

E Razumovskaia, L Yuzvovich, E Kniazeva… - Journal of Open Innovation …, 2020

… 2. Department of Finance, Money Circulation, and Credit, Ural State University of Economics, 8 Marta St … The effects of government measures to halt the infection ingress rate on trade supply … series of the epidemic propagation to …

Networks and Neo-Structural Sociology

E Lazega - The Oxford Handbook of Social Networks, 2020

Are individual differences in attention control related to working memory capacity? A latent variable mega-analysis. N Unsworth, AL Miller, MK Robison - Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 2020

The current study examined whether there are coherent individual differences in

capacity. Data were pooled from multiple studies over 12 years of data collection …

[PDF]Declarations of invalidity of a resolution or order of a local government body as being one of the measures of supervision over a local authority M Krawczyk - 2020