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[HTML]Ministerial influence on the machinery of government: insights on the inside

S Kuipers, K Yesilkagit, B Carroll - West European Politics, 2020

The structure and organisation of the machinery of government are key to the ambitions of political coalitions. When portfolio allocation and agencification are a function of political choice, political volatility should also affect the internal structure of …


DS Dunn - Getting Culture: Incorporating Diversity Across the …, 2020

[PDF]Neuromarketing and Psychology of Cors in the process of Making Purchase FNT de Sousa, MEC Macêdo - … Journal of Advanced Engineering Research and …, 2020

… A general research aimed to identify the influence of Neuromarketing and core psychology

expose the perception of the influence of core psychology and diagnosis the effect of …

Does accrual-based government financial information serve as an indicator of fiscal risks? DJ Jung, JH Kim, SJ Chang - Public Money & Management, 2020

… Overall, the results of the control variables were almost consistent with previous research.

influence of government liabilities and fiscal balance on sovereign bond yields …

[PDF]Participation of Community Development Societies and Inclusive Approach of Local Government in Planning J Paul, NA Jojomon - Purakala with ISSN 0971-2143 is an UGC CARE …, 2020

… it serves as the most active agent of local governance and this agency runs

planning and decision … issues and needs ▪ Active in setting priorities and …

More “Government”, less “Governance”: Chinese public employees' preferences for governing public service delivery Y Li, S Qiu - Policy Studies, 2020

… Arnstein (1969), in her “ladder of citizen participation”, has established citizen

it can influence self-organization … the grid covers three types of statements …

Examining the effects of musical type and intensity in performing the flanker task: A test of attentional control theory applied to non-emotional distractions MD Oliver, JJ Levy, DR Baldwin - Psychology of Music, 2020

Music alters the interplay between components of cognition and performance;

Attentional Control Theory, which states that anxiety places demands on cognitive …

[PDF]Health In All Policies For Government: Promise, Progress, And Pitfalls To Achieving Health Equity RC Shah, SR Kamensky - DePaul Law Review, 2020

… potential ways residents and community based organizations can support

and Prevention (CDC) released the … feedback loop exists where structural …

The Marketization of Knowledge by Neoliberalism and its Influence on Higher Education KA Kostelecky - 2020