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Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
Jennifer Overbeck, Bernadette Park

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Precision medicine, data, and the anthropology of social status

H Desmond - The American Journal of Bioethics, 2021

CONCLUSION Given the significance of biospecimens to the future of precision medicine, it is essential that clinicians, administrators and researchers have a socially and culturally nuanced appreciation of the benefits and vulnerabilities …

[PDF]Heterogeneous Influence of Government Subsidies on Enterprise Performance: Based on the Perspective of Industry Life Cycle

Z Fei, S Xianghua, LU Ren - 2021

使用 2013—2017 年中国上市公司数据, 从产业生命周期的角度对财政补贴与企业绩效 间的关系进行实证检验. 结果表明: 总体而言, 财政补贴对企业绩效的影响为正, 且呈弱显著; 区分产业生命周期阶段后发现, 财政补贴显著提升了成长期和衰退期产业中 …

[PDF]The Roles of the Government Internal Control System to Minimize Corruption Through the Fraud Star

H Umar, U Apriani, RB Purba - International Journal of Financial Research, 2021

The research discussed a pressure, opportunity, as well as rationalization have a positive effect on corruption. However, the system does not weaken the positive influence of opportunity, rationalization, and ability on corruption neither does the …

Corporate Governance and the Efficiency of Government R&D Grants

I Kwon, CY Park - Global Economic Review, 2021

… Thus, to control for a potential right-censoring bias, we will control for grant length dummies … From the agency theory and the transaction cost theory, 'good' corporate governance often implies an … relatively high at 0.37 from Table …

[PDF]Strategies for improving Employee's Competency in Bekasi Highways and Water Resources Government Agency

S Suryadi, A Maulana, T Bustomi, M Mansyur - ITALIENISCH, 2021

The purpose of this study was to assess and analyze employee competencies and strategies for enhancing employee competence at the Highway and Water Resource Government Agency. The method used in this research is descriptive qualitative. The …

Government Fighting Pandemic, Stock Market Return, and COVID-19 Virus Outbreak

CP Chang, GF Feng, M Zheng - Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, 2021

… assets (Baele et al. 2019), which may lower market capitalization and stock prices. Therefore, the net influence of government responses to prevent and control COVID-19 needs more support from real data and empirical analysis …

Does government debt promote economic growth? New empirical evidence from Ghana

ST Baidoo, E Duodu, E Kwarteng, G Boatemaa… - International Journal of …, 2021

… where EG is the dependent variable denoting economic growth and GD is government debt, the … Again, the choice of the control variables are influenced by earlier studies (see for example … the study to capture the effect of free trade …

Perceived Influence of Performance Standard on Quality Public Service Delivery in National Government Administration in Elgeyo Marakwet County, Kenya

KR Sirkoi, P Omboto, R Musebe - East African Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 2021

The provision of high-quality public service has for a long time been a challenge, especially in developing nations. There is an outcry of poor service provision in the public sector. This necessitated the government to implement performance appraisal …