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Journal of Applied Psychology
Shimul Melwani, Jennifer Mueller, Jennifer Overbeck

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Structure and agency: themes from experimental economics

SPH Heap - A Research Agenda for Critical Political Economy, 2020

The individual preferences that people reveal through their choices in laboratory experiments are often unstable. That is, people often confront what is the same decision problem from a rational choice perspective several times and they do not …

Linkages to Budgetary Control and Budgetary Absorption Performance

A Gunawan, W Yadiati, H Suharman, KP Sofia - International Journal of Economics …, 2020

This study aims to examine the effect of budgetary control on the performance of budgetary absorption. The Research method used was a survey of a population comprising 548 provincial/Regency/city governments in Indonesia with 231 samples …

10 minutes with Professor Amiran Gamkrelidze, Director General of the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health of Georgia

A Gamkrelidze, K Walsh - BMJ Leader, 2020

… been training doctors in a wide range of things—including COVID-19 and infection control … The government and the opposition listened to the professionals and followed their recommendations … have not declared a …

Making sense of the confusing mix of digitalization, pandemics and economics

V Grover, R Sabherwal - International Journal of Information Management, 2020

… As countries struggle with control of Covid-19, it is fascinating to observe the hundreds … of processes that offer important new value to consumers and positively influence all economic … It reveals and acerbates the widening gaps …

The Relationship Between Business and Government to 1945

S Mollan - Imperialism and Economic Development in Sub …, 2020

… Kaufmann, “Seize the State, Seize the Day: State Capture and Influence in Transition … Kesner, Economic Control and Colonial Development: Crown Colony Financial Management in the … of Contents'; SAD 417/2/104-109 'Draft …

Perceived discrimination and educational attainment for US Black adults: the influence of Black racial identity

CA Berwise, JA Mena - Social Psychology of Education, 2020

Few studies have examined the role of Black racial identity as a moderator of the relation between perceived discrimination and educational attainment among Black US adults. We explored this question in a sample of 370 self-identified Black adults …

The Evolution of Policy Instruments for Air Pollution Control in China: A Content Analysis of Policy Documents from 1973 to 2016

X Zhao, CW Thomas, T Cai - Environmental Management, 2020

… things as their historical evolution, main subjects, frequency of use, and whether they were issued by a single agency or jointly … Second, we limited the analysis to policy documents directly related to regional air-pollution …

[PDF]Efficacy and economics of integrated weed management in groundnut (Arachis hypogea L.)

O ADEMABAYOJE, J ADIGUN, O ADEYEMI… - Acta agriculturae Slovenica, 2020

… or propaben and fb shw will improve weed control, productivity and profitability of groundnut production. Mul- tiple hoe weeding, however, did not guarantee the highest profit but rather increased the cost of production …