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Research on Managing Groups & Teams
Jennifer Overbeck, Joshua Correll, Bernadette Park

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[HTML]Is patient-centred care for women a priority for policy-makers? Content analysis of government policies

AR Gagliardi, S Dunn, AM Foster, SL Grace, N Khanlou… - Health Research Policy and …, 2020

… by social determinants of health in both developed [16] and developing countries [17], which may influence women's access to … We defined government as a national or regional government, governmental ministry …

Numerical Modeling of Bifacial PV String Performance: Perimeter Effect and Influence of Uniaxial Solar Trackers

FR Galluzzo, PE Zani, M Foti, A Canino, C Gerardi… - Energies, 2020

… bifacial PV modeling; perimeter effect; solar tracker influence; … Environmental and Ecological Economics - - Energy - - - Energy Forecasting; Q48 - Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics; Environmental and Ecological Economics - - Energy - - - Government Policy; …

Which eroding site is more urgent for the government?: a reflection from coastal communities

C Saengsupavanich - Journal of Coastal Conservation, 2020

… It is responsible for public works such as building design and construction control, town and rural … In Thailand, the smallest local government unit taking care of a group of villages is called a … study continued with an attempt to …

CSR in Government-Owned Enterprises in India: A Principal–Agent Perspective

M Kansal, N Subramaniam, S Babu, S Mony - Rethinking Business Responsibility in a …, 2020

… entailing complex stakeholder relationships with the potential for political ideologies to influence and bias the … Theory of the firm: Managerial behavior, agency costs and ownership structure … Corporate Ownership and Control …

How Costumers' Way of Life Influence the Value Co-Creation

LM Ferreira, JC Menezes - International Journal of Economics & Business …, 2020

Purpose: This article is a contribution to the understanding of how value arises in well-established markets, and under which circumstances actors integrate resources from different service ecosystems to generate value. To understand this …

A multimethod investigation of the impact of attentional control on a brief intervention for anxiety and depression.

NP Allan, BJ Albanese, MR Judah, CV Gooch… - … and Clinical Psychology, 2020

Objective: Anxiety sensitivity (AS; fear of anxiety) is a malleable risk factor for anxiety and depression. Brief computerized interventions, including elements of psychoeducation, interoceptive exposure, and cognitive bias modification (CBM) can …

[PDF]Digital Government: Looking Back and Ahead on a Fascinating Domain of Research and Practice

HJ Scholl - Digital Government: Research and Practice, 2020

… and information systems; Computing / technology policy; Network access control; Government technology policy … Government- internal (intra-agency, inter-agency, and inter-jurisdictional) business … an outright underestimation …

Shaping the future: a 21st century skills system for Wales

J Fawcett, R Gunson - 2020

… While global and UK-wide trends such as Brexit and climate change may not be fully within the control of government in Wales, their effects, and who wins and who loses as a consequence, is not predetermined - they will be …