PSI Conference 2020 has been postponed

Now tentatively planned for 20-22 March 2021, Melbourne, Australia

Once we are all able to interact again, the PSI Conference will to Australia for the first time, showcasing Melbourne and our university to an elite international academic audience, and offering our university and business community the chance to interact with globally-known experts, authors, and TED speakers...

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About the PSI Network

PSI was launched for one reason—to connect researchers from different fields who share a common interest in power, status, and influence. These three topics have long captured the attention of academic scholars and continue to inspire empirical work across many disciplines (e.g., psychology, sociology, and biology). Much of this work examines the cognitive and social psychology of power and status dynamics present in diverse populations, ranging from investment bankers to Capuchin monkeys. Taken together, the insights drawn from this body of research are fundamental and its implications are far-reaching.

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The European Association of Social Psychology will host a small group meeting to review twenty years of empirical research on dehumanisation and shape the future of the field. The meeting will address dehumanisation and objectification research since the rise of the MeToo movement, dehumanising social media rhetoric associated with increased nationalism, and populist opinions against immigration. The meeting will be held on Thursday, September 10th, 2020 through Saturday, September 12th, 2020, in Tenerife, Spain (submissions accepted until July 15th, 2020). The meeting is open to EASP members and non-members. 

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Results of search: ('social power' OR 'social status' OR 'influence' OR 'agency' OR 'control') AND ('psychology' OR 'sociology' OR 'anthropology' OR 'political science' OR 'government' OR 'economics')

Politics, towards an anthropology of interconnectivity? Power and control of the knowledge in the digital society.

F Ricci - 2020

Can the consideration about the relationship between power, new languages of digital interconnection and forms of knowledge control be thought through the idea of an anthropology of interconnectivity to understand the aspects and implications of …

Trust in Government: Assessing the Impact of Exposure to Information in a Local Context

V Mabillard - International Journal of Public Administration, 2021

… Worthy (2017) adds that such observations can be explained by the strong influence of alternative factors, including the central role of symbolism once transparency measures have … Here, they are used to control the relation …


UB Nasution, M Setiawan - PalArch's Journal of Archaeology of Egypt/Egyptology

This study aims to 1) analyze and explain the effect of transglobal leadership on firm performance, 2) analyze and explain the impact of transglobal leadership on the innovative work environment, 3) analyze and explain the effect of the innovative work …

[PDF]Influence of Cultural Practices on Maternal Morbidity and Complications in Katsina-Ala Local Government Area of Benue State, Nigeria

AE Msughter, SM Yar'Adua, LU Maradun

The role of culture is apparent and uncompromising, such as women obtaining permission from their husbands before accepting or adopting any contraceptive method. Unfortunately, these patriarchal systems are still maintained in Katsina-Ala …

Knowledge stocks, government R&D, institutional factors and innovation: evidence from biotechnology patent data

S Lee, DH Kim - Innovation and Development, 2021

… included to control for temporal effects on the dependent variable. We took the log of the number of patents in biotechnology, R&D expenditures and income to normalize right-skewed data. To see the influence of knowledge …

[PDF]The Influence of Organizational Climate on Employee Performance with Intrinsic Motivation as A Mediating Variable at Non-Permanent Government Employee

NKD Utami, IBK Surya

The purpose of this study is to explain the influence of organizational climate on employee performance, the influence of intrinsic motivation on employee performance, the influence of organizational climate on intrinsic motivation, and the …

[HTML]PSY205–TMA01 (Social Psychology)

YW Yong

… With the context established, social influence strategies must work at the individual level that … persons are involved in group outcomes, while also considering individual agency as well … Chua, BH (2003, January 1) …

Government institutions, entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurship education programmes in Malaysia

KH Looi, A Maritz - Education+ Training, 2021

… This study acknowledges the critical and dynamic influence of contexts (Welter, 2011; Zahra … The Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) is responsible for the implementation of the … undergraduates' entrepreneurial …