PSI Conference 2020 has been postponed

Now tentatively planned for 20-22 March 2021, Melbourne, Australia

Once we are all able to interact again, the PSI Conference will to Australia for the first time, showcasing Melbourne and our university to an elite international academic audience, and offering our university and business community the chance to interact with globally-known experts, authors, and TED speakers...

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About the PSI Network

PSI was launched for one reason—to connect researchers from different fields who share a common interest in power, status, and influence. These three topics have long captured the attention of academic scholars and continue to inspire empirical work across many disciplines (e.g., psychology, sociology, and biology). Much of this work examines the cognitive and social psychology of power and status dynamics present in diverse populations, ranging from investment bankers to Capuchin monkeys. Taken together, the insights drawn from this body of research are fundamental and its implications are far-reaching.

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We all know workplace stress isn’t fun, but it may actually be killing you. Stanford professor Jeffrey Pfeffer argues that it is in his latest book 'Dying for a Paycheck'. Pfeffer argues the wellness revolution that has seen the introduction of workplace perks like yoga classes or mindfulness programmes has done little to tackle the underlying causes of workplace stress. He calls for a radical end to toxic employment practices – from job insecurity to overtime – that contribute to mental and physical health issues. He discussed the book, his views on leadership, and why authenticity is overrated on The Depolarization Project’s Changed My Mind podcast.

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[PDF]Book Review:“Reconstructing Agency in Developmental and Educational Psychology: Inclusive Systems as Concentric Space”

B Souza - Interpersona: An International Journal on Personal …, 2020

Paul Downes has recently published “Reconstructing Agency in Developmental and Educational Psychology: Inclusive Systems as Concentric Space”(Downes, 2020), both as a hardback and as an e-book. This book is part of The Routledge Research …

[PDF]Influence of plant spacing and fertility levels on growth, yield and economics of long duration pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan L. Millsp)

A Mishra, K Husain - Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry, 2020

The field experiment entitled “Influence of Plant spacing and Fertility Levels on Growth, Yield and Economics of Long Duration Pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan L. Millsp)” was conducted at Oil Seed Research farm, Chandra Shekhar Azad University of …

[PDF]Whither the “White Control Group “? On the Benefits of a Comparative Ethnic Minority Psychology

M Syed - 2020

The purpose of this paper is to discuss ethnic comparative research and the role of the “White control group” in such designs. Accordingly, there are two primary goals. First, to describe the rationale for ethnic comparative research, highlighting how …

Influence of religiosity, locus of control and value on identity formation of early adolescents in private secondary schools in Nnewi North Local Government, Anambra …

OM Agu, JO Agbolade, GC Animashaun - International Journal of Educational …, 2020

The study aimed at investigating some factors impacting identity formation among early adolescents in secondary school, Nnewi North, Anambra State. The study adopted a descriptive correlational design in exploring the impact of value …

Historical sociology

A Green, K Troup - The houses of history, 2020

… best described in terms of the interrelations of four sources of socialpower: ideological, economic … addresses directly the distinction between explanations based on structure and those based on agency … We have already examined …

International comparative evidence of e-government success and economic growth: technology adoption as an anti-corruption tool

A Mouna, B Nedra, M Khaireddine - Transforming Government: People, Process and …, 2020

… in many developing countries gives rise to questions about how these technologies may influence economic growth and whether underdeveloped countries can effectively exploit the potential effect that e-government proposes to control for corruption …

[PDF]Digitalization in the Decision-Making Process in the Local Government in the Republic of Moldova (The electronic control of local acts)

D Chiriac, I Chiriac - Central and Eastern European eDem and eGov Days, 2020

Abstract The article contains reflections on the needs of the processes and reforms in progress in the Republic of Moldova. Many external and internal factors such as globalization, informatization and communication, democratization and opening of the …

[PDF]Influence of family background on students' drop out from secondary schools in Yakurr local government area.

OJI Effiong, MI Edet - Global Journal of Educational Research, 2020

The study examined the influence of family background on students' dropout from secondary schools in Yakurr local government area of Cross River State. The study adopted the descriptive survey design and paired t-test and independent t-test were …