Terrill Frantz

University Harrisburg University of Science and Technology
Department Business
Website https://harrisburgu.edu/cpt_staff_lst_item/terrill-frantz/terrill-frantz/

Research details

Professor Frantz began writing computer software in 1974, as a teenager. Within a year, he was challenging a computer’s security at a local university. Gradually, he built a consulting business developing for and supporting dozens of business clients. After completing college, he coded his way to working on Wall Street for some of the largest global investment banks in several countries. While in industry, he managed several, broader information-technology teams and development projects. Over the past decade, he has taught technology- and business-related courses in universities in Europe and Asia, as well as the USA. Dr. Frantz’s passionate desire is to mentor those students who oppose being slave to the technology and instead seek to become a master over that technology….nerds, geeks, or normal people, alike.