Terri Vescio

University PennState University
Department Psychology
Website https://psych.la.psu.edu/directory/tkv1

Research details

Terri Vescio’s research focused on power, sexism, racism, heterosexism, and ageism. She is interested in the relation between power and stereotyping. She is primarily interested in gender and how gender intersects with other meaningful social group members (like race, class, sexual orientation, and age) to influence powerful people’s reactions to low power women and men. Much of her research examines three questions: (1) when do powerful people stereotype low power people, (2) how do powerful people behave toward the low power men and women they stereotype and (3) how do the stereotypic behaviors of the powerful influence the emotion, self-definition, motivation, and performance of low power women and men. Her ongoing research includes work that adopts developmental/lifespan perspective and uses EEG procedures to examine how people respond to subtle and blatant discrimination.