Patricia Hawley

University Texas Tech University
Department Psychology

Research details

Patricia Hawley has been a Professor in Educational Psychology (in the Department of Educational Psychology and Leadership) since 2013, when she came from the University of Kansas. Her work focuses on power relationships across development, with a particular recent focus on bullying and its interventions. She and her students have been developing pre-service teacher workshops with the aim of helping teachers mitigate bullying and other noxious power dynamics in the classroom. Additionally, she has created a workshop for science teachers designed to reduce teachers’ anxieties about teaching evolution. Her work on the evolution of children’s social relationships and aggression earned her the inaugural Scholarly Achievement Award for Innovation in Research at the University of Kansas. She is the author of Resource Control Theory (Hawley, 1999) and the Evolution Attitudes and Literacy Survey (Hawley et al. 2011). She has co-edited two books, Aggression and Adaptation: The Bright Side to Bad Behavior and The Evolution of Personality and Individual Differences.