Olivia Kyriakidou

University Master People Analytics
Department Organisational Psychology
Website https://gr.linkedin.com/in/olivia-kyriakidou-1a289318

Research details

Olivia is a People Analytics and Industrial/Organizational Psychology Leader, evidence-based consultant, speaker and sought-after educator in the area of People Analytics and HR. She is the founder of ImasterPA (www.imasterpa.com), a People Analytics and Future of Work company dedicated to building analytics as a core capability of HR, supporting the development of HR digital strategies and improving the employee experience. ImasterPA also helps HR professionals master people analytics and the future of work through the provision of cutting-edge face-to-face and e-learning training opportunities. Olivia has more than 15 years experience in various academic institutions using research, data and analytics to understand the employee experience. She has received wide recognition for her engaging and enthusiastic teaching style and has been a speaker in many international conferences. She has written many books and articles on various HR topics and she is the co-author of the leading book of “Diffusion of Innovations in Health Care Organizations”.