Niki denNieuwenboer

University University of Kansas
Department Business

Research details

Niki’s research interests center around deviance in the workplace. Her current work focuses on the influence of social status on misconduct, the role of social structure in the emergence, maintenance and demise of (wide-spread) unethical behavior, and on the identity challenges that ethics and compliance officers face in fulfilling the ethics role in organizations. More recently, she has started a project to examine the challenges that dyslectics face in the workplace, and how they deal with those. Niki was runner-up in Duke University's annual Fuqua School of Business Center of Leadership and Ethics (COLE) Dissertation Proposal Competition in 2007 and runner-up in the Doctoral Dissertation Competition of the SIM Division of the Academy of Management in 2009. Prior to earning her Ph.D., Niki worked for KPMG Forensic in Brussels, Belgium, as a consultant in ethics management.