Judith Gere

University Kent State University
Department Psychology
Website https://www.kent.edu/psychology/profile/judith-gere

Research details

I am primarily interested in understanding factors that contribute to higher levels of subjective well-being. High quality romantic relationships and the ability to pursue personal goals are both strong predictors of well-being; thus, most of my research has centered on these topics, especially the interplay between relationships and goal pursuits. For example, I have examined the effects of conflict between relationship partners' goals (on the goals, the relationship, and well-being), the strategies partners might use to resolve or minimize goal conflict, how romantic partners can facilitate each other's goal pursuits, and the accuracy of partners' perceptions of each other's goals and motivations. I have also been doing some work recently investigating self-growth, specifically, how relationship dynamics may affect self-growth and how individual differences related to well-being (e.g., mindfulness, resilience) and self-growth influence relationship experiences and dynamics. Additionally, I am also interested in quantitative measurement and methodology, especially SEM (structural equation modeling).