Jing Zhu

University Nanyang Technological University Singapore
Department Business
Website https://research.ntu.edu.sg/expertise/academicprofile/Pages/StaffProfile.aspx?ST_EMAILID=JINGZHU

Research details

Jing Zhu is an associate professor in the Nanyang Business School (NBS) at Nanyang Technological University. Prior to joining NBS, she was an associate professor of management at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). She studies theoretically driven behavior changes and development of individuals during work-related transitions with a temporal perspective (including dynamics of newcomer and expatriate experiences, temporary work, and job search of the unemployed) and team diversity and processes. Her work has appeared in top management journals including Academy of Management Journal and Journal of Applied Psychology. She has served or is serving on the editorial board of Academy of Management Journal, the Academy of Management Review Special Theory Forum on “Diversity at a Critical Juncture: New Theories for a Complex Phenomenon”, and Journal of Business Research. She has also received a number of awards including the International Human Resource Management Scholarly Research Award and the Scholarly Achievement Award of the Human Resources Division, the best paper award of the Conflict Management Division, and the Best Symposium of the Year award of the Careers Division of the Academy of Management, finalist of the Academy of Management Journal’s best paper award, Citations of Excellence award from Emerald Group Publishing, and Dean’s Recognition of Teaching Excellence from HKUST.