The open access journal Information is calling for submissions to a Special Issue on “Social Influence” (submissions due March 2020). People who meet together or communicate over the Internet or other channels constantly exchange information, rumors, spread opinions and attitudes. Be it a personal exchange or the beginning of a massive societal shift, these processes begin with someone becoming influenced or influencing others.


The Special Issue aims to promote cross-domain knowledge exchange researchers interested in the phenomenon of social influence and information spreading in networks. It will aim to present the state of the art research in this area from different perspectives: sociology, computer science, psychology, as well as mathematics and physics. Information publishes papers on broad topics relating to information science and technology, data, knowledge, and communication.

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Conspiracy theory beliefs and worldviews: a mixed-methods approach exploring the psychology of monologicality, dialogicality and belief development

MS Hall - 2020

… beliefs and worldviews: a mixed-methods approach exploring the psychology of monologicality … PhD thesis, The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) … endorsement, to fully monological worldviews premised upon …

[PDF]Performance of Regional Government-Linked Companies in Indonesia: The Influence of State Audit Board and Regulations

DD Amdanata, N Mansor - Jurnal Pengurusan (UKM Journal of Management), 2020

ABSTRACT Regional Government-Linked Companies (RGLCs) in Indonesia have suffered from the unhealthy image and loss of respect from the public. The RGLCs are incapable of independently running the companies without financial support from …

Examinations of Change in Inhibitory and Initiatory Self-Control in the Context of Endurance Running

J Shubert, B Houltberg, J Ratchford, S Schnitker - … of Applied Sport Psychology, 2020

Endurance activities provide a key context for positive development. Using data from a longitudinal study of 398 adolescents and emerging adults participating in a charity marathon event, this study examined the multidimensionality of self-control …

[PDF]Trust in government and its associations with health behaviour and prosocial behaviour during the COVID-19 pandemic

Q Han, B Zheng, M Cristea, M Agostini, J Belanger… - 2020

… 5. Department of Psychology, New York University Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, United Arab … Each item individually; mean of the first four items (prosocial behaviour on disease control), the last four … country-based mitigation measures …

Managing Government Agencies with Open Labor Markets

P Cappelli - Employee Inter-and Intra-Firm Mobility, 2020

… order to get the right kind of employee to stay in the face of “meddling” by political bosses and to keep making agency-specific investments … For those interested in the practice of government or in authority in other contexts …

[PDF]Special topic: when sovereigns default, how big a share of government debt is involved?

D Beers, E Jones, J Walsh - 2020

… In a few cases where those data are unavailable—including Cambodia, Georgia and Mauritius—we use general government debt as a proxy because borrowing is largely under the control of the national government. There …

[HTML]Module 11: Non-Conformity and Social Control: Criminal and Social Justice

S Robertson - Foundations in Sociology I, 2020

The TV character Dexter, looking at blood splatter on a wall. Figure 11.1. Psychopaths and sociopaths are some of the star deviants in contemporary popular culture. What makes them so appealing as fictional characters? DEXTER by pimkie …

New business models and government features: an example from China

H Bao, X Hu, L Si - Asia Pacific Business Review, 2020

… 2012), who analysed the business model of New York City's economic development agency, and Ranerup … Model 3 shows the regression results on the effect of control variables … In public infrastructure service industries …