PSI Conference 2020

22-23 March 2020, Melbourne, Australia

The PSI Conference comes to Australia for the first time, showcasing Melbourne and our university to an elite international academic audience, and offering our university and business community the chance to interact with globally-known experts, authors, and TED speakers...

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About the PSI Network

PSI was launched for one reason—to connect researchers from different fields who share a common interest in power, status, and influence. These three topics have long captured the attention of academic scholars and continue to inspire empirical work across many disciplines (e.g., psychology, sociology, and biology). Much of this work examines the cognitive and social psychology of power and status dynamics present in diverse populations, ranging from investment bankers to Capuchin monkeys. Taken together, the insights drawn from this body of research are fundamental and its implications are far-reaching.

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The European Association of Social Psychology will host a small group meeting to review twenty years of empirical research on dehumanisation and shape the future of the field. The meeting will address dehumanisation and objectification research since the rise of the MeToo movement, dehumanising social media rhetoric associated with increased nationalism, and populist opinions against immigration. The meeting will be held on Thursday, September 10th, 2020 through Saturday, September 12th, 2020, in Tenerife, Spain (submissions accepted until July 15th, 2020). The meeting is open to EASP members and non-members. 

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Results of search: ('social power' OR 'social status' OR 'influence' OR 'agency' OR 'control') AND ('psychology' OR 'sociology' OR 'anthropology' OR 'political science' OR 'government' OR 'economics')

[HTML]Is patient-centred care for women a priority for policy-makers? Content analysis of government policies

AR Gagliardi, S Dunn, AM Foster, SL Grace, N Khanlou… - Health Research Policy and …, 2020

… by social determinants of health in both developed [16] and developing countries [17], which may influence women's access to … We defined government as a national or regional government, governmental ministry …

Numerical Modeling of Bifacial PV String Performance: Perimeter Effect and Influence of Uniaxial Solar Trackers

FR Galluzzo, PE Zani, M Foti, A Canino, C Gerardi… - Energies, 2020

… bifacial PV modeling; perimeter effect; solar tracker influence; … Environmental and Ecological Economics - - Energy - - - Energy Forecasting; Q48 - Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics; Environmental and Ecological Economics - - Energy - - - Government Policy; …

Which eroding site is more urgent for the government?: a reflection from coastal communities

C Saengsupavanich - Journal of Coastal Conservation, 2020

… It is responsible for public works such as building design and construction control, town and rural … In Thailand, the smallest local government unit taking care of a group of villages is called a … study continued with an attempt to …

CSR in Government-Owned Enterprises in India: A Principal–Agent Perspective

M Kansal, N Subramaniam, S Babu, S Mony - Rethinking Business Responsibility in a …, 2020

… entailing complex stakeholder relationships with the potential for political ideologies to influence and bias the … Theory of the firm: Managerial behavior, agency costs and ownership structure … Corporate Ownership and Control …

How Costumers' Way of Life Influence the Value Co-Creation

LM Ferreira, JC Menezes - International Journal of Economics & Business …, 2020

Purpose: This article is a contribution to the understanding of how value arises in well-established markets, and under which circumstances actors integrate resources from different service ecosystems to generate value. To understand this …

A multimethod investigation of the impact of attentional control on a brief intervention for anxiety and depression.

NP Allan, BJ Albanese, MR Judah, CV Gooch… - … and Clinical Psychology, 2020

Objective: Anxiety sensitivity (AS; fear of anxiety) is a malleable risk factor for anxiety and depression. Brief computerized interventions, including elements of psychoeducation, interoceptive exposure, and cognitive bias modification (CBM) can …

[PDF]Digital Government: Looking Back and Ahead on a Fascinating Domain of Research and Practice

HJ Scholl - Digital Government: Research and Practice, 2020

… and information systems; Computing / technology policy; Network access control; Government technology policy … Government- internal (intra-agency, inter-agency, and inter-jurisdictional) business … an outright underestimation …

Shaping the future: a 21st century skills system for Wales

J Fawcett, R Gunson - 2020

… While global and UK-wide trends such as Brexit and climate change may not be fully within the control of government in Wales, their effects, and who wins and who loses as a consequence, is not predetermined - they will be …