PSI Conference 2020 has been postponed

Now tentatively planned for 20-22 March 2021, Melbourne, Australia

Once we are all able to interact again, the PSI Conference will to Australia for the first time, showcasing Melbourne and our university to an elite international academic audience, and offering our university and business community the chance to interact with globally-known experts, authors, and TED speakers...

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About the PSI Network

PSI was launched for one reason—to connect researchers from different fields who share a common interest in power, status, and influence. These three topics have long captured the attention of academic scholars and continue to inspire empirical work across many disciplines (e.g., psychology, sociology, and biology). Much of this work examines the cognitive and social psychology of power and status dynamics present in diverse populations, ranging from investment bankers to Capuchin monkeys. Taken together, the insights drawn from this body of research are fundamental and its implications are far-reaching.

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The open access journal Information is calling for submissions to a Special Issue on “Social Influence” (submissions due March 2020). People who meet together or communicate over the Internet or other channels constantly exchange information, rumors, spread opinions and attitudes. Be it a personal exchange or the beginning of a massive societal shift, these processes begin with someone becoming influenced or influencing others.


The Special Issue aims to promote cross-domain knowledge exchange researchers interested in the phenomenon of social influence and information spreading in networks. It will aim to present the state of the art research in this area from different perspectives: sociology, computer science, psychology, as well as mathematics and physics. Information publishes papers on broad topics relating to information science and technology, data, knowledge, and communication.

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Results of search: ('social power' OR 'social status' OR 'influence' OR 'agency' OR 'control') AND ('psychology' OR 'sociology' OR 'anthropology' OR 'political science' OR 'government' OR 'economics')

[PDF]Financial Stress and Job Performance of Employees of a Government Agency in Negros Occidental

MMB Gualdrapa, AS Palic - Philippine Social Science Journal, 2020

Financial stress is a condition that is becoming more predominant in society nowadays, especially among employees. There are more financial challenges among employees today, and these challenges are being reflected in the …

[PDF]Assessment of Influence of Job Enrichment on Employee Job Satisfaction in Local Government Authorities: A Case of Temeke Municipal Council, Tanzania


This study assessed the influence of job enrichment on employee job satisfaction at Temeke Municipal Council and was guided by four specific objectives namely: to assess the influence of job characteristics on employee job satisfaction, to assess the …

[PDF]Influence of planning on mid-consumption purchasing for experience goods Msc Marketing Erasmus school of Economics

R Capitein, R Karpienko

The purpose of this thesis is to analyze how impulse purchasing mid-consumption differs upon time of purchase of tickets for an experience good. Experience goods differ from other goods in that time of consumption and purchase are split and that …

Relations between child self-control, maternal relational frustration, and teacher–child conflict: a longitudinal study with children from dual-earner families

T Ferreira, J Cadima, M Matias, T Leal, PM Matos - Development and …, 2020

… We examined the influence of work–family conflict (WFC) on maternal relational frustration (RF) towards the child … Inhibitory control and teacher-child conflict: Reciprocal associations across the elementary-school …



… USAID : The United States Agency for International Development … Government policies contain the reasons things are to be done in a certain … The main objective of the study was to examine the influence of government policies …

[PDF]The Effectiveness of Russian Government Policy to Support SMEs in the COVID-19 Pandemic

E Razumovskaia, L Yuzvovich, E Kniazeva… - Journal of Open Innovation …, 2020

… 2. Department of Finance, Money Circulation, and Credit, Ural State University of Economics, 8 Marta St … The effects of government measures to halt the infection ingress rate on trade supply … series of the epidemic propagation to …

Networks and Neo-Structural Sociology

E Lazega - The Oxford Handbook of Social Networks, 2020

Are individual differences in attention control related to working memory capacity? A latent variable mega-analysis. N Unsworth, AL Miller, MK Robison - Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 2020

The current study examined whether there are coherent individual differences in

capacity. Data were pooled from multiple studies over 12 years of data collection …

[PDF]Declarations of invalidity of a resolution or order of a local government body as being one of the measures of supervision over a local authority M Krawczyk - 2020