Salient Multiculturalism Enhances Minority Group Members’ Feelings of Power
Author(s): Jacquie D. Vorauer, Matthew S. Quesnel
Abstract: The present research examined how messages advocating different intergroup ideologies affect outcomes relevant to minority group members’ ability to exert power in exchanges with dominant group members. We expected that salient multiculturalism would have positive implications for minority group members’ feelings of power by virtue of highlighting essential contributions they make to society, and that no such empowering effect would be evident for them in connection with alternative ideologies such as color-blindness or for dominant group members. Results across four studies involving different participant populations, operationalizations of ideology, ethnic minority groups, and experimental settings were consistent with these hypotheses and further indicated that the effects of salient multiculturalism on feelings of power had downstream implications for expectations of control in an ostensibly upcoming intergroup interaction and general goal-directed cognition.
Publication Title: Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, Vol. 43(2)
Pub Year: 2017
Pages: 259 – 271
Keywords: multiculturalism, power, intergroup interaction, intergroup ideology

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