Members’ Needs, Intragroup Conflict, and Group Performance
Author(s): Jinseok S. Chun, Jin Nam Choi
Abstract: Focusing on “what people want in their group” as a critical antecedent of intragroup conflict, the present study theorizes and empirically investigates the relationships among the psychological needs of group members, intragroup conflict, and group performance. It attends to the within-group average and dispersion of members’ psychological needs and examines the effects stemming from group composition of needs on multiple types of conflict. The analyses based on multisource data from 145 organizational teams revealed significant relationships between the groups’ composition with respect to the members’ need for achievement and task conflict, need for affiliation and relationship conflict, and need for power and status conflict. Some of these relationships were moderated by open communication among members. The analyses also demonstrated that when the 3 types of conflict were considered together, task conflict was a positive predictor of group performance, whereas relationship conflict was a negative predictor. The findings highlight the motivational aspects of intragroup conflict, revealing the multilevel dynamics of the psychological needs in social settings.
Publication Title: Journal of Applied Psychology,Vol. 99(3)
Pub Year: 2014
Pages: 437 – 450
Keywords: status, power

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