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Hormonal underpinnings of status conflict: Testosterone and cortisol are related to decisions and satisfaction in the hawk-dove game
Hormones and Behavior, Advanced Online, Vol. 92
Author(s): Pranjal H. Meht, Nicole M. Lawless DesJardins, Mark van Vugt, Robert A. Josephs

Abstract: A contribution to a special issue on Hormones and Human Competition. Testosterone is theorized to influence status-seeking behaviors such as social do...

Winners, losers, and posers: The effect of power poses on testosterone and risk-taking following competition
Hormones and Behavior, Advanced Online, November 10, 2016
Author(s): Kristopher M. Smith, Coren L. Apicella

Abstract: The effect of postural power displays (i.e. power poses) on hormone levels and decision-making has recently been challenged. While Carney et al. (2010...

Women's intercollegiate athletic competition: Cortisol, testosterone, and the dual-hormone hypothesis as it relates to status among teammates
Hormones and Behavior, Vol. 64(1)
Author(s): David A. Edwards, Kathleen V. Castro

Abstract: Recent research suggests that testosterone and cortisol jointly regulate dominance motivation and, perhaps, the status relationships that are affected...

The Path to Glory Is Paved With Hierarchy : When Hierarchical Differentiation Increases Group Effectiveness
Psychological Science, Vol. 23(6)
Author(s): Richard Ronay, Katharine Greenaway, Eric Anicich, Adam Galinsky

Abstract: Two experiments examined the psychological and biological antecedents of hierarchical differentiation and the resultingrnconsequences for productivity...

Decision Making and Testosterone: When the Ends Justify the Means
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Vol. 46(4)
Author(s): Dana R. Carney, Malia F. Mason

Abstract: Behavioral endocrinology research suggests that testosterone may play a role in moral decision making. Studies involving human and nonhuman animals in...

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