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Hormonal underpinnings of status conflict: Testosterone and cortisol are related to decisions and satisfaction in the hawk-dove game
Hormones and Behavior, Advanced Online, Vol. 92
Author(s): Pranjal H. Meht, Nicole M. Lawless DesJardins, Mark van Vugt, Robert A. Josephs

Abstract: A contribution to a special issue on Hormones and Human Competition. Testosterone is theorized to influence status-seeking behaviors such as social do...

Social Influence Modulates the Neural Computation of Value
Psychological Science, Vol. 22(7)
Author(s): Jamil Zaki, Jessica Schirmer, Jason P. Mitchell

Abstract: Social influence—individuals’ tendency to conform to the beliefs and attitudes of others—has interested psychologists for decades. However, it has tra...

The Experience of Power: Examining the Effects of Power on Approach and Inhibition Tendencies
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol. 83(6)
Author(s): Cameron Anderson, Jennifer L. Berdahl

Abstract: Two studies of task-focused dyads tested the approach/inhibition theory of power (P. Keltner, D. H. Gruenfeld, & C. Anderson, in press), which posits ...

Cardiovascular Reactivity and Interpersonal Influence: Active Coping in a Social Context
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol. 56(2)
Author(s): Timothy W. Smith, Kenneth D. Allred, Cheryl A. Morrison, Shane D. Carlson

Abstract: Previous studies have demonstrated that effortful attempts to secure positive outcomes or avoid negative outcomes produce significant increases in sys...

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