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Beyond Dominance and Competence
Personality and Social Psychology Review, Vol. 21(3)
Author(s): Feng Bai

Abstract: Recognition has grown that moral behavior (e.g., generosity) plays a role in status attainment, yet it remains unclear how, why, and when demonstratin...

The Contaminating Effects of Building Instrumental Ties; How Networking Can Make Us Feel Dirty
Administrative Science Quarterly, Vol. 59(4)
Author(s): Tiziana Casciaro, Francesca Gino, Maryam Kouchaki

Abstract: In this paper, we examine the consequences of social networking for an individual’s morality, arguing that the content and approach of networking have...

Power Increases Dehumanization
Group Processes & Intergroup Relations, Vol. 14(1)
Author(s): Joris Lammers, Diederik A. Stapel

Abstract: The current paper shows that the experience or possession of power increases dehumanization—the process of denying essential elements of “humanness” i...

Moral Judgments of the Powerless and Powerful in Violent Intergroup Conflicts
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Volume 47(6)
Author(s): Joseph A. Vandello, Kenneth S. Michniewicz, Nadav Goldschmied

Abstract: The present research examined observers' moral judgments of groups in conflict. Study 1 found support for the prediction that actions are interpreted ...

Sharing Moral Values: Anticipated Ingroup Respect as a Determinant of Adherence to Morality-Based (but Not Competence-Based) Group Norms
Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, Vol. 37(8)
Author(s): Stefano Pagliaro, Naomi Ellemers, Manuela Barreto

Abstract: This research examines how moral values regulate the behavior of individual group members. It argues that group members behave in line with moral grou...

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