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The Psychology of Middle Power: Vertical Code-Switching, Role Conflict, and Behavioral Inhibition
Academy of Management Review, Vol. 42(4)
Author(s): Eric M. Anicich, Jacob B. Hirsh

Abstract: Decades of research have demonstrated that having or lacking power can influence how people think and behave in organizations. By contrasting the expe...

Status Evolution and Competition: Theory and Evidence
Academy of Management Journal, Vol. 48(2)
Author(s): Marvin Washington, Edward J. Zajac

Abstract: In this study, we (1) clarify and distinguish the concept of status, (2) identify and analyze the institutional and organizational factors that can le...

All for One and One for All? The Development and Transfer of Power across Organizational Levels
Academy of Management Review, Vol. 26(2)
Author(s): C. Marlene Fiol, Edward J. O'Connor, Herman Aguinis

Abstract: Power in organizations is a fluid social construction subject to multiple interpretations. The extensive literature on power provides insights about t...

Power and Influence: A Theoretical Bridge
Social Forces, Vol. 76(2)
Author(s): David Willer, Michael J. Lovaglia, Barry Markovsky

Abstract: Frequently social theorists conflate power and influence, often subsuming influence under a broad conception of power. Two contemporary theories separ...

"If you need help, just ask": Underestimating compliance with direct requests for help
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
Author(s): Francis Flynn, Vanessa Lake

Abstract: A series of studies tested whether people underestimate the likelihood that others will comply with their direct requests for help. In the first three...

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