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Salient Multiculturalism Enhances Minority Group Members’ Feelings of Power
Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, Vol. 43(2)
Author(s): Jacquie D. Vorauer, Matthew S. Quesnel

Abstract: The present research examined how messages advocating different intergroup ideologies affect outcomes relevant to minority group members’ ability to...

Don’t bring me down: Divergent effects of being the target of empathy versus perspective-taking on minority group members’ perceptions of their group’s social standing
Group Processes & Intergroup Relations, Vol.19(1)
Author(s): Jacquie D. Vorauer, Matthew Quesnel

Abstract: This experiment examined how being the target of one of two commonly recommended strategies for improving intergroup relations—empathy or perspectiv...

The Pitfalls of Empathy as a Default Intergroup Interaction Strategy: Distinct Effects of Trying to Empathize with a Lower Status Outgroup Member Who Does Versus Does Not Express Distress
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Advance Online Publication
Author(s): Jacquie D. Vorauer, Stacey J. Sasaki

Abstract: This experiment examined the hypothesis that trying to be empathic during intergroup interaction has positive effects on behavior when an outgroup int...

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