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Evidence of Non-Corresponsive Causal Relationships Between Personality Traits and Social Power Over Time
Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, Vol. 43(1)
Author(s): Dustin Wood, P. D. Harms

Abstract: Although the effects of personality traits on social environments are regularly thought to mirror the effects of social environments on personality tr...

Status, Networks, and Opinion Change: An Experimental Investigation
Social Psychology Quarterly, Vol. 80(2)
Author(s): Joseph Dippong, Will Kalkhoff, Eugene C. Johnsen

Abstract: This study evaluates two prominent sociological theories of interpersonal influence: status characteristics theory and social influence network theory...

A Model of Instrumental Networks: The Roles of Socialized Charismatic Leadership and Group Behavior
Organization Science, Vol. 23(2)
Author(s): Paul Varella, Mansour Javidan, David A. Waldman

Abstract: This article introduces a model of the development of instrumental networks inside organizational groups. We provide a theoretical framework and empir...

Holding Your Place: Reactions to the Prospect of Status Gains and Losses
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Vol.46(2)
Author(s): Nathan C. Pettit, Kevyn Yong, Sandra E. Spataro

Abstract: This paper examines individuals’ reactions to the prospect of gaining or losing status in groups. The results of three experiments provide evidence th...

The Contagious Leader: Impact of the Leader's Mood on the Mood of Group Members, Group Affective Tone, and Group Processes
Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol 90(2), pg. 295-305
Author(s): Thomas Sy, Stéphane Côté, Richard Saavedra

Abstract: The present study examined the effects of leaders' mood on (a) the mood of individual group members, (b) the affective tone of groups, and (c) 3 group...

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