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I-Challenges: Influencing Others’ Perspectives by Mentioning Personal Experiences in Therapeutic Community Group Meetings
Social Psychology Quarterly, Vol. 80(3)
Author(s): Marco Pino

Abstract: In this article, I examine the communicative practice of mentioning a personal experience as a vehicle for challenging a peer’s perspective. I study...

Illusory Power Transference: The Vicarious Experience of Power
Administrative Science Quarterly, vol. 56(4)
Author(s): Noah J. Goldstein, Nicholas A. Hays

Abstract: We use two experiments to investigate “illusory power transference,” in which individuals minimally associated with powerful others act as if they the...

In touch with your feelings: Power increases reliance on bodily information.
Social Cognition
Author(s): Ana Guinote,

Abstract: Bodily feelings guide behavior. The present research examines how power affects reliance on nourishment-associated feelings. In Study 1 participants w...

When Subjective Experiences Matter: Power Increases Reliance on the Ease of Retrieval
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol. 94(6)
Author(s): Mario Weick, Ana Guinote

Abstract: Past research on power focused exclusively on declarative knowledge and neglected the role of subjective experiences. Five studies tested the hypothes...

Right-Wing Authoritarianism and Social Dominance Orientation: Their Roots in Big-Five Personality Factors and Facets
Journal of Individual Differences, Vol. 27(3)
Author(s): Nazar Akrami, Bo Ekehammar

Abstract: Extending previous research on the relation of Big-Five personality with right-wing authoritarianism and social dominance orientation, we examined the...

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