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Is Deference the Price of Being Seen as Reasonable? How Status Hierarchies Incentivize Acceptance of Low Status
Social Psychology Quarterly, Vol. 80(2)
Author(s): Cecilia L. Ridgeway, Sandra Nakagawa

Abstract: High-status members are incentivized to contribute to a group’s collective endeavors by the deference and influence they receive. But what incentive...

Appeasing Equals: Lateral Deference in Organizational Communication
Administrative Science Quarterly, Vol. 57(3)
Author(s): Alison R. Fragale, John J. Sumanth, Larissa Z. Tiedens, Gregory B. Northcraft

Abstract: Using archival data on a year of e-mail exchanges at a division of Enron (Study 1) and a field study of management professionals (Study 2), we explore...

Social Status as a Cue for Tacit Coordination
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Vol. 46(3)
Author(s): Erik W. de Kwaadsteniet, Eric van Dijk

Abstract: The present paper investigates how and when social status may serve as a cue for tacit coordination. In three experimental studies, we demonstrate tha...

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