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Beyond Dominance and Competence
Personality and Social Psychology Review, Vol. 21(3)
Author(s): Feng Bai

Abstract: Recognition has grown that moral behavior (e.g., generosity) plays a role in status attainment, yet it remains unclear how, why, and when demonstratin...

Cooperation in Multicultural Negotiations: How the Cultures of People With Low and High Power Interact
Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol. 101(5)
Author(s): Shirli Kopelman, Ashley E. Hardin, Christopher G. Myers, Leigh Plunkett Tost

Abstract: This study examined whether the cultures of low- and high-power negotiators interact to influence cooperative behavior of low-power negotiators. Manag...

Status Decreases Dominance in the West but Increases Dominance in the East
Psychological Science, Vol. 27(2)
Author(s): Ko Kuwabara, Siyu Yu, Alice J. Lee, Adam D. Galinsky

Abstract: In the experiments reported here, we integrated work on hierarchy, culture, and the enforcement of group cooperation by examining patterns of punishme...

Social Class and the Motivational Relevance of Other Human Beings Evidence From Visual Attention
Psychological Science, Vol. 27(11)
Author(s): Pia Dietze , Eric D. Knowles

Abstract: We theorize that people’s social class affects their appraisals of others’ motivational relevance—the degree to which others are seen as potenti...

Effects of cultural power distance on group creativity and individual group member creativity
Journal of Organizational Behavior, Vol. 36(7)
Author(s): Feirong Yuan, Jing Zhou

Abstract: We develop a conceptual model to theorize the impact of high versus low power distance cultural contexts on group creativity and individual group memb...

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