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Hormonal underpinnings of status conflict: Testosterone and cortisol are related to decisions and satisfaction in the hawk-dove game
Hormones and Behavior, Advanced Online, Vol. 92
Author(s): Pranjal H. Meht, Nicole M. Lawless DesJardins, Mark van Vugt, Robert A. Josephs

Abstract: A contribution to a special issue on Hormones and Human Competition. Testosterone is theorized to influence status-seeking behaviors such as social do...

Winners, losers, and posers: The effect of power poses on testosterone and risk-taking following competition
Hormones and Behavior, Advanced Online, November 10, 2016
Author(s): Kristopher M. Smith, Coren L. Apicella

Abstract: The effect of postural power displays (i.e. power poses) on hormone levels and decision-making has recently been challenged. While Carney et al. (2010...

Women's intercollegiate athletic competition: Cortisol, testosterone, and the dual-hormone hypothesis as it relates to status among teammates
Hormones and Behavior, Vol. 64(1)
Author(s): David A. Edwards, Kathleen V. Castro

Abstract: Recent research suggests that testosterone and cortisol jointly regulate dominance motivation and, perhaps, the status relationships that are affected...

Social Status, Glucocorticoids, Immune Function, and Health: Can Animal Studies Help Us Understand Human Socioeconomic-status-related Health Disparities?
Hormones and Behavior, Vol. 62(3)
Author(s): Sonia A. Cavigelli, Hashim S. Chaudhry

Abstract: For humans in developed nations, socioeconomic status (SES)—relative income, education and occupational position in a society—is a strong predictor of...

Estradiol Effects on Behavior and Serum Oxytocin Are Modified by Social Status and Polymorphisms in the Serotonin Transporter Gene in Female Rhesus Monkeys
Hormones and Behavior, Vol. 59(4)
Author(s): Vasiliki Michopoulos, Marta Checchi, Desiree Sharpe, Mark E. Wilson

Abstract: Despite the well-documented relation between estradiol (E2) and behavior, exposure to stressors may modify sensitivity to E2. The effects of E2 on beh...

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