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Power Moves Beyond Complementarity: A Staring Look Elicits Avoidance in Low Power Perceivers and Approach in High Power Perceivers
Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, Vol. 43(8)
Author(s): Mario Wieck, Cade McCall, Jim Blascovich

Abstract: Sustained, direct eye-gaze—staring—is a powerful cue that elicits strong responses in many primate and nonprimate species. The present research ex...

An Unconscious Desire for Hierarchy? The Motivated Perception of Dominance Complementarity in Task Partners
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol 93(3), pg. 402-414
Author(s): Larissa Z Tiedens, Miguel M Unzueta, Maia J. Young

Abstract: In 6 studies, the authors examined the perception of dominance complementarity, which is the perception of a target as different from the self in term...

Contextual Influences on Interpersonal Complementarity
Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, Vol. 33(8), pg. 1051-1063
Author(s): D.S. Moskowitz, Moon-ho Ringo Ho, Anne-Marie Turcotte-Tremblay

Abstract: The influence of context on interpersonal complementarity was examined using an event-contingent recording procedure. Setting and role status moderate...

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