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The Acquisitive Nature of Extraverted CEOs
Administrative Science Quarterly, Advanced Online, May 24, 2017
Author(s): Shavin Malhotra, Taco H. Reus, PengCheng Zhu, Erik M. Roelofsen

Abstract: This study examines how extraversion, a personality trait that signifies more or less positive affect, assertive behavior, decisive thinking, and desi...

Those Closest Wield the Sharpest Knife: How Ingratiation Leads to Resentment and Social Undermining of the CEO
Administrative Science Quarterly, Vol. 62(3)
Author(s): Gareth D. Keeves, James D. Westphal, Michael L. McDonald

Abstract: Using survey data from CEOs and other top managers at large and mid-sized public companies in the U.S., as well as from journalists, we explore how in...

CEO Narcissism and the Impact of Prior Board Experience on Corporate Strategy
Administrative Science Quarterly, Vol.60 (1)
Author(s): David H. Zhu, Guoli Chen

Abstract: We examine how chief executive officer (CEO) narcissism influences the interorganizational imitation of corporate strategy. We theorize that narcissis...

New CEOs and Corporate Strategic Refocusing: How Experience as Heir Apparent Influences the Use of Power
Administrative Science Quarterly, Vol. 47(4)
Author(s): Gregory A. Bigley, Margarethe F. Wiersema

Abstract: This paper integrates corporate governance research on the consequences of executive power and the upper echelons literature on top managers' cognitiv...

Power Dynamics Within Top Management and their Impacts on CEO Dismissal Followed by Inside Succession
Academy of Management Journal, Vol. 45(6)
Author(s): Wei Shen, Albert A. Cannella Jr.

Abstract: Following a power perspective, this study is a longitudinal examination of the antecedents of CEO dismissal followed by inside succession. Our theory ...

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