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Knowledge management behavior and individual creativity: Goal orientations as antecedents and in-group social status as moderating contingency
Journal of Organizational Behavior, Vol. 38(6)
Author(s): Young Won Rhee, Jin Nam Choi

Abstract: Creativity is an increasingly important domain of performance largely based on knowledge held and exchanged among employees. Despite the necessity of ...

Lack of sleep and the development of leader-follower relationships over time
Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Vol. 141
Author(s): Cristiano L. Guarana, Christopher M. Barnes

Abstract: Drawing from the sleep and emotion regulation model, and attribution theory, we argue that sleep can influence the quality of the relationship between...

Engagement: Where has all the ‘power’ gone?
Organizational Dynamics, Vol. 46 (2)
Author(s): Adrian Madden, Catherine Bailey

Abstract: This article examines power and engagement. Since Kahn first explained engagement as the way people invest themselves in their work roles based on inf...

The Acquisitive Nature of Extraverted CEOs
Administrative Science Quarterly, Advanced Online, May 24, 2017
Author(s): Shavin Malhotra, Taco H. Reus, PengCheng Zhu, Erik M. Roelofsen

Abstract: This study examines how extraversion, a personality trait that signifies more or less positive affect, assertive behavior, decisive thinking, and desi...

The Network Dynamics of Status: Assimilation and Selection
Social Forces, Vol. 96(1)
Author(s): Vanina Jasmine Torlò, Alessandro Lomi

Abstract: Using longitudinal data that we have collected on friendship and advice relations in a cohort of MBA students, we examine how status affects the dynam...

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