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Why and When Leaders' Affective States Influence Employee Upward Voice
Academy of Management Journal, Vol. 60 (1)
Author(s): Wu Liu, Zhaoli Song, Xian Li, Zhenyu Liao

Abstract: Although researchers have argued that employees often carefully examine social contexts before speaking up to leaders, the role of leaders' affective ...

Who Represents Our Group? The Effects of Prototype Content on Perceived Status Dispersion and Social Undermining
Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, Advanced Online, April 25, 2017
Author(s): Hee Young Kim, Batia M. Wiesenfeld

Abstract: Group identity may be embodied in more typical or extreme member attributes. The present research suggests that individuals’ perceptions of the grou...

Don’t bring me down: Divergent effects of being the target of empathy versus perspective-taking on minority group members’ perceptions of their group’s social standing
Group Processes & Intergroup Relations, Vol.19(1)
Author(s): Jacquie D. Vorauer, Matthew Quesnel

Abstract: This experiment examined how being the target of one of two commonly recommended strategies for improving intergroup relations—empathy or perspectiv...

Out of Control: A Self-Control Perspective on the Link Between Surface Acting and Abusive Supervision
Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol. 101(2)
Author(s): Kai Chi Yam, Ryan Fehr, Fong T. Keng-Highberger, Anthiony C. Klotz, Scott J. Reynolds

Abstract: In this study, we examined how leaders’ customer interactions influence their tendency to abuse their followers. Specifically, we drew from ego-depl...

The Interaction of Testosterone and Cortisol Is Associated With Attained Status in Male Executives
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology,Vol. 110(6)
Author(s): Gary D. Sherman, Jennifer S. Lerner, Robert A. Josephs, Jonathan Renshon, James J. Gross

Abstract: Are hormone levels associated with the attainment of social status? Although endogenous testosterone predicts status-seeking social behaviors, researc...

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