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Coercive Behavior in the Rhesus Monkey
Journal of Comparative and Physiological Psychology, Vol. 56(1)
Author(s): James A. Horel, Robert Treichler, Donald R. Meyer

Abstract: Dominance relationships were observed in 8 female monkeys trained to turn a handle to obtain food and paired in the handle-turn apparatus with their c...

The Legitimacy of Organizational Influence
The American Journal of Sociology, Vol. 67(6)
Author(s): Edgar H. Schein, J. Steven Ott

Abstract: Attitudes toward the legitimacy of influencing various kinds of behavior in an organizational context are examined. An attitude survey revealed that s...

Sources of Power of Lower Participants in Complex Organizations
Administrative Science Quarterly, Vol. 7(3)
Author(s): David Mechanic

Abstract: This paper explores various factors that account for the power of secretaries, hospital attendants, prison inmates, and other lower participants withi...

Control in Organizations: Individual Adjustment and Organizational Performance
Administrative Science Quarterly, Vol. 7(2)
Author(s): Arnold S. Tannenbaum

Abstract: This analysis focuses upon the control aspects of organizations. Organizations are characterized as orderly arrangements of individual human interacti...

The Situation and the Opportunistic Executive
Journal of the Academy of Management, Vol. 5(1)
Author(s): Stanley E. Bryan

Abstract: Examines the attitude of corporate executives and ways in which managers behave opportunistically in responding to business situations. Discussion on ...

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