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The Power of Dependence
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol. 2(2)
Author(s): John Schopler, Nicholas Bateson

Abstract: A series of experiments was undertaken to test the conditions that affect the yielding of a powerful person to the dependence of his powerless partner...

Opinion Change as a Function of the Communicator's Attractiveness and Desire to Influence
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol. 1(2)
Author(s): Judson Mills, Elliot Aronson

Abstract: A recent experiment (Walster & Festinger, see 38: 10076) supports Hovland, Janis, and Kelley's (see 28: 5952) suggestion that a "desire to influence" ...

Leadership Style, Hierarchical Influence, and Supervisory Role Obligations
Administrative Science Quarterly, Vol. 9(4)
Author(s): L. Wesley Wager

Abstract: Effectiveness of a supervisory leadership style has been claimed contingent upon the supervisor's potential influence in the hierarchical system. But ...

Power to Reward and Punish in Social Interaction
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Vol. 1(4)
Author(s): Donald C. Butler, Norman Miller

Abstract: Two experiments, which controlled rate and content of messages, evaluated the effects of “power to reward” and “power to punish” on the pattern of com...

The Power of Organized Minorities in a Small Group
Administrative Science Quarterly, Vol. 9(2)
Author(s): Glendon Schubert

Abstract: L. S. Shapley and Martin Shubik in an earlier study proposed an index of theoretical power, which they exemplified in a discussion of the probable pow...

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