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Trait Agreeableness and Social Status Moderate Behavioral Responsiveness to Communal Behavior
Journal of Personality, Vol. 83(2)
Author(s): Qi Yao, Debbie S. Moskowitz

Abstract: The present study examined the influence of trait Agreeableness and its interaction with social role status on interpersonal correspondence as reflect...

Unethical for the sake of the group: Risk of social exclusion and pro-group unethical behavior
Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol. 100(1)
Author(s): Stefan Thau, Rellie Derfler-Rozin, Marko Pitesa, Marie S. Mitchell, Madan M. Pillutla

Abstract: This research tested the idea that the risk of exclusion from one’s group motivates group members to engage in unethical behaviors that secure better ...

Are male tokens bad for females? The effect of social dominance orientation on high-status tokens' evaluations of low-status members
Journal of Applied Social Psychology, Vol. 45(2)
Author(s): Aneika L. Simmons, Marla Baskerville Watkins , Elizabeth E. Umphress

Abstract: Prior research has not given much attention to understanding how those in the numeric minority (i.e., tokens) with high social status (e.g., males) re...

�We have no quarrel with you�: Effects of group status on characterizations of �conflict� with an outgroup
European Journal of Social Psychology, Vol. 45(1)
Author(s): Andrew G. Livingstone, Joseph Sweetman, Eva M. Bracht, S. Alexander Haslam

Abstract: In three studies, we examined the effect of intergroup status on group members' tendencies to characterize the ingroup's relationship with an outgroup...

CEO Narcissism and the Impact of Prior Board Experience on Corporate Strategy
Administrative Science Quarterly, Vol.60 (1)
Author(s): David H. Zhu, Guoli Chen

Abstract: We examine how chief executive officer (CEO) narcissism influences the interorganizational imitation of corporate strategy. We theorize that narcissis...

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