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Reputation and Status: Expanding the Role of Social Evaluations in Management Research
Academy of Management Journal, Vol. 59(1)
Author(s): Gerard George, Linus Dahlander, Scott Graffin, Samantha Sim

Abstract: An introduction to the journal is presented in which the editors discuss topics within the issue including the workforce diversity, online business-to...

Unearned Status Gain: Evidence from a Global Mandate
Academy of Management Journal, Vol. 59(1)
Author(s): Tsedal B. Neeley, Tracy L. Dumas

Abstract: Theories of status rarely address "unearned status gain," defined as an unexpected and unsolicited increase in relative standing, prestige, or worth a...

Status Matters: The Asymmetric Effects of Supervisor-Subordinate Disability Incongruence and Climate for Inclusion
Academy of Management Journal, Vol. 59(1)
Author(s): David J. G. Dwertmann, Stephan A. Boehm

Abstract: Growing workforce diversity increases the likelihood that supervisors and subordinates will differ along demographic lines, a situation that has impor...

Classical Deviation: Organizational and Individual Status as Antecedents of Conformity
Academy of Management Journal, Vol. 59(1)
Author(s): Rodolphe Durand, Pierre-Antoine Kremp

Abstract: Besides making organizations look like their peers through the adoption of similar attributes ("alignment"), this paper highlights the fact that confo...

Psyched-Up to Suck-Up: Self-Regulated Cognition, Interpersonal Influence, and Recommendations for Board Appointments in the Corporate Elite
Academy of Management Journal, Vol. 59(2)
Author(s): James D. Westphal, Guy Shani

Abstract: This study reveals how self-regulated cognition in advance of social interaction can resolve the so-called "ingratiator's dilemma," which is that the ...

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