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Perceived Masculine and Feminine Attributes Examined as a Function of Individuals' Sex and Level in the Organizational Power Hierarchy: A Test of Four Theoretical Perspectives
Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol. 75(2)
Author(s): Ellen A. Fagenson

Abstract: Predictions derived from four theoretical formulations, the gender-centered, organization structure, gender-organization, and gender-organization-syst...

Pardon my Gaffe: Effects of Sex, Status, and Consequence Severity on Accounts
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol. 58(4)
Author(s): Marti H. Gonzales, Julie H. Pederson, Debra J. Manning, David W. Wetter

Abstract: Examined the effects of offender sex, offender status, and consequence severity on accounts following an embarrassing predicament. Subjects were induc...

Effect of Arbitrarily Assigned Status Labels on Self-Perceptions and Social Perceptions: The Mere Position Effect
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol. 50(4)
Author(s): Gerald N. Sande, John H. Ellard, Michael Ross

Abstract: Tested the theory that social position labels by themselves are sufficient to evoke expectations about the attributes of those associated with the lab...

Social Encoding and Subsequent Attitudes, Impressions, and Memory: "Context-Driven" and Motivational Aspects of Processing
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol. 47(1)
Author(s): E. Tory Higgins, C. Douglas McCann

Abstract: 159 undergraduates classified as high or low authoritarians described a stimulus person (SP) to an audience who had either equal or higher status than...

Individual Differences in Status Generalization: Effects of Need for Social Approval, Anticipated Interpersonal Contact, and Instrumental Task Abilities
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol. 45(3)
Author(s): Harry J. Martin, Theodore N. Greenstein

Abstract: Conducted 2 studies to (a) extend the scope of the work done by J. Berger and his associates (1977) using expectation states theory and (b) test the h...

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