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Intraorganizational Influence Tactics: Explorations in Getting One's Way
Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol. 65(4)
Author(s): David Kipnis, Stuart M. Schmidt, Ian Wilkinson

Abstract: In Study 1, 165 lower-level managers wrote essays describing an incident in which they influenced either their bosses, co-workers, or subordinates. Th...

Squirrel Monkey Heart Rate During Formation of Status Orders
Journal of Comparative and Physiological Psychology, Vol. 70(3)
Author(s): Douglas K. Candland, et al

Abstract: Determined the heart rate of 5 male squirrel monkeys by FM telemetry during the formation of status orders assessed with a full pair comparison design...

Social Hierarchy: The Self-Reinforcing Nature of Power and Status
Author(s): Joe Magee, Adam Galinsky

Abstract: Hierarchy is such a defining and pervasive feature of organizations that its forms and basic functions are often taken for granted in organizational r...

Demonstrating Knowledge: The Effects of Group Status on Outgroup Helping
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Article in Press
Author(s): Esther van Leeuwen, Susanne Tšuber

Abstract: We examined, in two experiments, the notion that members of low status groups, more than members of high status groups, use outgroup helping as a stra...

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