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Knowledge management behavior and individual creativity: Goal orientations as antecedents and in-group social status as moderating contingency
Journal of Organizational Behavior, Vol. 38(6)
Author(s): Young Won Rhee, Jin Nam Choi

Abstract: Creativity is an increasingly important domain of performance largely based on knowledge held and exchanged among employees. Despite the necessity of ...

The Network Dynamics of Status: Assimilation and Selection
Social Forces, Vol. 96(1)
Author(s): Vanina Jasmine Torlò, Alessandro Lomi

Abstract: Using longitudinal data that we have collected on friendship and advice relations in a cohort of MBA students, we examine how status affects the dynam...

Status moves: Evaluations and effectiveness of status behaviors
Group Processes & Intergroup Relations, Advanced Online July 19, 2017
Author(s): Hee Young Kim, Nathan C. Pettit, Laura E. Reitman

Abstract: This paper examines reactions of in-group members and third-party observers to behaviors people perform to affect the status hierarchy of their group ...

Is Deference the Price of Being Seen as Reasonable? How Status Hierarchies Incentivize Acceptance of Low Status
Social Psychology Quarterly, Vol. 80(2)
Author(s): Cecilia L. Ridgeway, Sandra Nakagawa

Abstract: High-status members are incentivized to contribute to a group’s collective endeavors by the deference and influence they receive. But what incentive...

Status, Networks, and Opinion Change: An Experimental Investigation
Social Psychology Quarterly, Vol. 80(2)
Author(s): Joseph Dippong, Will Kalkhoff, Eugene C. Johnsen

Abstract: This study evaluates two prominent sociological theories of interpersonal influence: status characteristics theory and social influence network theory...

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