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Social Influence Model: A Formal Integration of Research on Majority and Minority Influence Processes
Psychological Bulletin, Vol. 95(2)
Author(s): Sarah Tanford, Steven Penrod

Abstract: Presents a formal model of social influence that integrates majority and minority influence processes within a single theoretical framework and uses c...

Ego-Identity Status, Personality, and Social-Influence Style
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol. 46(1)
Author(s): Doris Read, Gerald R. Adams, William R. Dobson

Abstract: 80 female undergraduates were identified as having diffusion, foreclosure, moratorium, of identity achievement statuses on the Objective Measure of Eg...

Imagination and Expectation: The Effect of Imagining Behavioral Scripts on Personal Influences
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol. 45(2)
Author(s): Craig A. Anderson

Abstract: Conducted 2 experiments with a total of 114 undergraduates, who imagined either themselves, a friend, or a disliked acquaintance performing or not per...

Gender, Self Confidence, and Social Influence Strategies: An Organizational Simulation
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol. 44(2)
Author(s): Debra Instone, Brenda Major, Barbara B. Bunker

Abstract: Investigated whether men and women in positions of equal power differ in the strategies they use to influence subordinates. 24 male and 24 female unde...

The Social Impact of Majorities and Minorities
Psychological Review, Vol. 88(5)
Author(s): Bibb Latané, Sharon Wolf

Abstract: Reviews 2 traditional lines of research on social influence processes--research on conformity, which looks at the influence of the majority on a passi...

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