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Expectation States, Social Influence, and Affect Control: Opinion and Sentiment Change through Social Interaction
Advances in Group Processes, Vol. 32
Author(s): Kimberly B. Rogers

Abstract: Respondent opinions shifted in the direction of group leaders’ opinions, regardless of behavioral interchange patterns. Opinion change was greater w...

Status and the True Believer: The Impact of Psychological Contracts on Social Status Attributions of Friendship and Influence
Organization Science, Vol. 25(1), January-February 2014
Author(s): John B. Bingham, James B. Oldroyd, Jeffery A. Thompson, Jeffrey S. Bednar, J. Stuart Bunderson

Abstract: This article examines how the fulfillment of obligations viewed as essential to an individual's relationship with his or her employer (i.e., the psych...

Underestimating Our Influence Over Others’ Unethical Behavior and Decisions
Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, Vol. 40(3), March 2014
Author(s): Vanessa K. Bohns, M. Mahdi Roghanizad, Amy Z. Xu

Abstract: We examined the psychology of “instigators,” people who surround an unethical act and influence the wrongdoer (the “actor”) without directly committin...

Two ways to the top: Evidence that dominance and prestige are distinct yet viable avenues to social rank and influence
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol. 104(1)
Author(s): Joey T. Cheng, Jessica L. Tracy, Tom Foulsham, Alan Kingstone, Joseph Henrich

Abstract: The pursuit of social rank is a recurrent and pervasive challenge faced by individuals in all human societies. Yet, the precise means through which in...

Reversing downward performance spirals
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Vol.49(3)
Author(s): Tim Rees, Jessica Salvatore, Pete Coffee, S. Alexander Haslamd, Anne Sargent, Tom Dobson

Abstract: Research has typically portrayed downward performance spirals as inevitable following initial failure experiences. On the basis of social identity the...

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