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Power in Stereotypically Masculine Domains: A Social Influence Strategy X Stereotype Match Model
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol 85(6), pg. 1062-1078
Author(s): Theresa K. Vescio, Mark Snyder, David A. Butz

Abstract: This work examines the hypothesis that stereotypes of groups to which low-power people belong should influence the perceptions and behavior of powerfu...

Intragroup Social Influence and Intergroup Competition
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol 82(6), pg. 975-992
Author(s): Tim Wildschut, Chester A. Insko, Lowell Gaertner

Abstract: Three experiments examined the role of intragroup social influence in intergroup competition. In the context of a mutual fate control situation, parti...

Personality Moderators of the Relationship Between Abusive Supervision and Subordinates' Resistance
Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol 86(5), pg. 974-983
Author(s): Bennett J. Tepper, Michelle K. Duffy, Jason D. Shaw

Abstract: Results of a study using data collected at 2 points in time, separated by 6 months, suggested that subordinates resisted their supervisors' downward i...

Milestones in the Psychological Analysis of Social Influence
Group Dynamics: Theory, Research, and Practice, Vol 4(1), pg. 68-80
Author(s): William D. Crano

Abstract: Social influence research has been, and remains, the defining hallmark of social psychology. The history of this preoccupation is reviewed selectively...

Proposal of a Four-Dimensional Model of Social Response
Psychological Bulletin, ,Vol 126(3), pg. 454-470
Author(s): Paul R. Nail, Geoff MacDonald, David A. Levy

Abstract: Descriptive models of social response attempt to identify the conceptual dimensions necessary to define and distinguish various types of influence. Bu...

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