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Consistency-Based Compliance Across Cultures
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Vol. 43(1), pg. 104-111
Author(s): Petia K. Petrova, Robert B. Cialdini, Stephen J. Sills

Abstract: A field study investigated cross-cultural differences in choice-congruent behavior and its impact on compliance. U.S. and Asian participants received ...

The Role of Social Norm Clarity in the Influenced Expression of Prejudice Over Time
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Vol. 43(6), pg. 867-876
Author(s): Emily M. Zitek, Michelle R. Hebl

Abstract: Social influence has been shown to be a powerful, but underexamined, tool in altering prejudice-related attitudes. Most notably, hearing one person co...

Minority status decreases sense of control and increases interpretive processing.
Social Cognition
Author(s): Ana Guinote, Megan Brown, Susan Fiske

Abstract: Relative group size consistently affects social perception. This article proposes that minority members lack subjective control over outcomes, so they...

Individuality and Social Influence in Groups: Inductive and Deductive Routes to Group Identity
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol 89(5), pg. 747-763
Author(s): Tom Postmes, Russell Spears, Antonia T. Lee, Rosemary J. Novak

Abstract: A distinction between forms of social identity formation in small interactive groups is investigated. In groups in which a common identity is availabl...

Risk-Taking Orientation and Injury Among Youth Workers: Examining the Social Influence of Supervisors, Coworkers, and Parents
Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol 90(5), pg. 1027-1035
Author(s): James D. Westaby, J. Krister Lowe

Abstract: Despite youths' susceptibility to social influence, little research has examined the extent to which social factors impact youths' risk-taking orienta...

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