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Interdependent Sampling and Social Influence
Psychological Review, Vol 114(2), pg. 398-422
Author(s): Jerker Denrell, GaŽl Le Mens

Abstract: Most explanations of social influence focus on why individuals might want to agree with the opinions or attitudes of others. The authors propose a dif...

Alone in a Crowd of Sheep: Asymmetric Perceptions of Conformity and Their Roots in an Introspection Illusion
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol 92(4), pg. 585-595
Author(s): Emily Pronin, Jonah Berger, Sarah Molouki

Abstract: The results of 5 studies showed that people see others as more conforming than themselves. This asymmetry was found to occur in domains ranging from c...

The Impact of Political Skill on Impression Management Effectiveness
Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol 92(1), pg. 278-285
Author(s): Kenneth J. Harris, K. Michele Kacmar, Suzanne Zivnuska, Jason D. Shaw

Abstract: In this study, the authors investigated the effect of an individual's political skill on the relationships between 5 different impression management t...

Group Norms and Excessive Absenteeism: the Role of Peer Referent Others
Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Vol. 103(2), pg. 179-196
Author(s): Peter Bamberger, Michal Biron

Abstract: Drawing from social identity and social influence theory, we propose that the absence-related norms of an individualís work-based referent others will...

Status Generalization in Context: The Moderating Role of Groups
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Vol. 43(2), pg. 273-279
Author(s): Julian Oldmeadowa

Abstract: Status generalization has been described as a process directly linking social status at the societal level to influence in interpersonal interactions,...

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