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The Object of My Protection: Shielding Fundamental Motives from the Implicit Motivational Influence of Others
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Volume 47(6)
Author(s): N. Pontus Leander, James Y. Shah, Tanya L. Chartrand

Abstract: Goal shielding theory suggests that one's focal pursuits automatically inhibit the activation of interfering goals (Shah, Friedman, & Kruglanski, 2002...

Social Influence Modulates the Neural Computation of Value
Psychological Science, Vol. 22(7)
Author(s): Jamil Zaki, Jessica Schirmer, Jason P. Mitchell

Abstract: Social influence—individuals’ tendency to conform to the beliefs and attitudes of others—has interested psychologists for decades. However, it has tra...

Social Representations: A Normative and Dynamic Intergroup Approach
Political Psychology, Vol. 32(5)
Author(s): Christian Staerklé, Alain Clémence, Dario Spini

Abstract: This commentary outlines an approach to social representations which emphasizes the normative and dynamic nature of shared knowledge. Social represent...

A Formal Theory of Reflected Appraisals in the Evolution of Power
Administrative Science Quarterly, vol. 56(4)
Author(s): Noah E. Friedkin

Abstract: This article investigates the evolution of power with a formal theory that focuses on the influence network through which control of a group’s outcome...

Set up for a Fall: The Insidious Effects of Flattery and Opinion Conformity toward Corporate Leaders
Administrative Science Quarterly, vol. 56(2)
Author(s): Sun Hyun Park, James D. Westphal, Ithai Stern

Abstract: This study considers the potentially negative consequences for corporate leaders of being subjected to high levels of ingratiation in the form of flat...

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