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Avoiding Bad Press: Interpersonal Influence in Relations Between CEOs and Journalists and the Consequences for Press Reporting About Firms and Their Leadership
Organization Science, Vol. 22(4)
Author(s): James D. Westphal, David L. Deephouse

Abstract: In this study we consider how and when interpersonal relations between chief executive officers (CEOs) and journalists can influence the content of jo...

The Pantomime of Persuasion: Fit Between Nonverbal Communication and Influence Strategies
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Vol. 47(4)
Author(s): Bob M. Fennis, Marielle Stel

Abstract: How can we be more successful in persuading others and increase the odds of behavioral compliance? We argue that when a verbal influence strategy is e...

New Majorities Abuse of Power: Effects of Perceived Control and Social Support
Group Processes & Intergroup Relations, Vol. 14(4)
Author(s): Radmila Prislin, Vanessa Sawicki, Kipling Williams

Abstract: Two studies examined how new majorities (minorities-turned-majorities) abused power by claiming privileges (in-group favoritism) and disparaging new m...

The Object of My Protection: Shielding Fundamental Motives from the Implicit Motivational Influence of Others
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Volume 47(6)
Author(s): N. Pontus Leander, James Y. Shah, Tanya L. Chartrand

Abstract: Goal shielding theory suggests that one's focal pursuits automatically inhibit the activation of interfering goals (Shah, Friedman, & Kruglanski, 2002...

Social Influence Modulates the Neural Computation of Value
Psychological Science, Vol. 22(7)
Author(s): Jamil Zaki, Jessica Schirmer, Jason P. Mitchell

Abstract: Social influence—individuals’ tendency to conform to the beliefs and attitudes of others—has interested psychologists for decades. However, it has tra...

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