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Winners, losers, and posers: The effect of power poses on testosterone and risk-taking following competition
Hormones and Behavior, Advanced Online, November 10, 2016
Author(s): Kristopher M. Smith, Coren L. Apicella

Abstract: The effect of postural power displays (i.e. power poses) on hormone levels and decision-making has recently been challenged. While Carney et al. (2010...

CEO Narcissism and the Impact of Prior Board Experience on Corporate Strategy
Administrative Science Quarterly, Vol.60 (1)
Author(s): David H. Zhu, Guoli Chen

Abstract: We examine how chief executive officer (CEO) narcissism influences the interorganizational imitation of corporate strategy. We theorize that narcissis...

They won’t listen to me: Anticipated power and women’s disinterest in male-dominated domains
Group Processes Intergroup Relations, Vol.18(1)
Author(s): Jacqueline M. Chen, Wesley G. Moons

Abstract: We hypothesized that women avoid male-dominated domains because they anticipate lacking the power to influence others in those contexts. In Study 1, a...

Speaking Truth to Power: The Effect of Candid Feedback on How Individuals With Power Allocate Resources
Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol.100(2)
Author(s): Burak Oc, Michael R. Bashshur, Celia Moore

Abstract: Subordinates are often seen as impotent, able to react to but not affect how powerholders treat them. Instead, we conceptualize subordinate feedback a...

A cross-cultural examination of subordinates' perceptions of and reactions to abusive supervision
Journal of Organizational Behavior, Vol. 36(5)
Author(s): Ryan M. Vogel, Marie S. Mitchell, Bennett J. Tepper, Simon L. D. Restubog, Changya Hu, Wei Hua, Jia-Chi Huang

Abstract: This manuscript explores cross-cultural differences in reactions to perceived abusive supervision. Based on an integration of fairness heuristic theor...

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