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A Behavioral Decision Theory Approach for Measuring McClelland's Trichotomy of Needs
Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol. 66(2)
Author(s): Adrian M. Harrell, Michael J. Stahl

Abstract: Describes the initial research associated with a new approach for measuring D. C. McClelland's trichotomy of needs. The method is based on behavioral ...

Assessment of Achievement and Power Motivation of Blacks and Whites, Using a Black and White TAT, with Black and White Administrators
Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol. 65(6)
Author(s): Joel Lefkowitz, Alan W. Fraser

Abstract: TAT motive scores of need for achievement (n-nAch) and need for power for 63 male college students (31 Black and 32 White) did not vary significantly ...

Comparison of American Motives: 1957 Versus 1976
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol. 39(6)
Author(s): Joseph Veroff, Charlene Depner, Richard Kulka, Elizabeth Douvan

Abstract: Motives for achievement, affiliation, power as fear of weakness, and power as hope of power were assessed using thematic apperception in 2 representat...

Intraorganizational Influence Tactics: Explorations in Getting One's Way
Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol. 65(4)
Author(s): David Kipnis, Stuart M. Schmidt, Ian Wilkinson

Abstract: In Study 1, 165 lower-level managers wrote essays describing an incident in which they influenced either their bosses, co-workers, or subordinates. Th...

Effects of Sex and Personality on Perceptions of Emergent Leadership, Influence, and Social Power
Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol. 65(2)
Author(s): Robert G. Lord, James S. Phillips, Michael C. Rush

Abstract: The contributions of rater sex and personality to perceptions of emergent leadership, influence, and social power were investigated in 96 undergraduat...

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